What Do Guinea Pigs Eat

Are you a guinea pig lover? and you'd like your cute pet to grow up healthy? There are way too many things that they can eat, but there are only a few things that will actually benefit them to becoming healthier. Most people usually have some really cute guinea pigs, but they feed them all the wrong foods, developing for their pigs a really bad diet. If you want  your pig to grow up healthy and look cute, the only way for that to happen is to feed them with the correct foods.

Types Of Guinea Pig Foods

Believe it or not, they love to eat vegetables and fruits. They are able to eat tomatoes, carrots, and lettuces, and they are very popular among these small creatures. You will definitely have your pig grow up to look cute and healthy. Just like how humans need frutis and veggies in their bodies, so do they. It is important to note that some of them do not like the majority of the fruits and veggies available, but see what they like the most by testing.

Here's a short list of all the foods they enjoy eating that are also healthy for them:

1 Red Peppers
2 Cucumbers
3 Grapes
4 Bananas
5 Strawberries (only in moderation)
6 Oranges
7 Cilantro
8 Parsley
9 Leafy greens
10 Apples

Is There Such Thing As Guinea Pig Food?

There is definitely a huge array of foods that are created specifically for them. However, you will find that there are still not as much food that are meant for them. For example, dogs have tons of food that are specifically made for them, so you will find that this isn't how it is with guinea pigs.

What Foods Should They Avoid Eating?

Meat and fish are thought of as healthy for humans, but guinea pigs will find them deadly. While they won't die from eating meat and fish, guinea pigs are actually vegetarians by nature, so they would rather eat a salad than ordinary meat and fish. Raw beans should also be avoided, along with dairy products, rhubarb, potato feeligns, cookies, bread, chocolate, hamster food, and all kinds of foods that are meant for other animals. Believe it or not, ice cream isn't good for them either. Each pig is different in their own way, and each of them will have different preferences as to what they wouldn't want the most.


If you want your guinea pig to grow up in the best way possible, then you really need to consider following the tips above on eating healthy foods. They must eat the right foods to fill their bodies up with the right nutrition. It is best to outline that some pigs do not want to eat healthy foods. By being aware and not allowing them to eat what shouldn't be eaten, they can become extremely healthy.